Mansour Aaron Karimzadeh

CEO, SCIL/Secure Payments Academy

    Mansour Aaron Karimzadeh applies over 25 years of experience to his leadership role. His background includes payment and transaction processing systems in the financial industry, an in-depth understanding of how to create new businesses and drive demand for emerging products and technologies. He has been instrumental in implementing many large card and payment processing projects worldwide specializing in payments security, smart cards and EMV systems – including projects in the UK, Canada, USA, Latin America, Middle East and Australia. He served as a Board member of Global Platform and Chair of its Marketing Center. He previously managed a smart card consultancy and software company that was acquired by ACI Worldwide. At ACI he served as VP of Operations and Director of Smart Cards Unit. Mansour has also been involved in the smart card based healthcare card business in the USA. He served on the EMV Migration Forum (now US Payments Forum) Steering Committee, and is a co-chair of its Communications & Education Committee. Currently Mansour is leading SCIL, a strategic payments security advisory and training (through Secure Payments Academy) company. You can reach him on +1 516 770 6200, [email protected].