Cyril Lalo

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Ellipse

    Cyril Lalo is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Ellipse and a serial entrepreneur and Inventor with over 25 years of experience leading high-tech and Fintech companies. Cyril has pioneered the development of a unique process used to embed sensitive electronics and active components into a credit card form-factor. Under his lead, Ellipse has developed patented battery-free, EMV integrated technologies that enable the replacement of the static security code on payment cards by a dynamic value. Formerly Cyril was the Worldwide Head of Payment Indirect Sales at Oberthur Technology (now IDEMIA), Founder / President / CEO of NagraID Security (Sold to Oberthur Technology in September 2014). Cyril is dedicated to bringing innovation, strategy and vision that help stakeholders generate new value, and keep pushing the payment industry further to meet the challenges of the ever-evolving digital payment ecosystem.