Kristin Raub

Senior Manager, Authentication & Security Products, Discover Global Network

    Kristin Raub leads the Authentication & Security Products team at Discover Global Network, focused on delivering capabilities to ensure customers can make payments how they want, when they want, securely. Kristin found her way into product development after spending nearly a decade battling bad actors on the front lines of data breaches and payments fraud. She’s still fighting the bad guys, just in a new way – by making it more difficult for them to access the systems they seek to manipulate, while allowing genuine users to flow through unbothered. As a xennial with a 15 year career to date in financial services spanning risk management, operations, and product, she has lived the digital revolution that has made volumes of new attributes available for identification and authentication. Kristin is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a HIIT evangelist, and a gamer.